Lawn Treatment in Austin, TX

Lawn Treatment

Find the lawn care program that's right for you

A luscious landscape requires a lot of maintenance and care. By scheduling a lawn care service with Revive & Thrive, LLC, a local Austin, TX company, we will be able to treat the area to get rid of unwanted weeds and pests and then take preventative action as well to maintain a healthy landscape. Our lawn care program is designed to supply your lawn with specialty selected nutrients and additives to make any lawn, park, or ball field Thrive.


  • 4 Annual Treatments
  • Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall Fertilizations
  • Micro Nutrient applications
  • Soil Conditioners
  • Pre-Emergent Broadleaf Control (Controls most common broadleaf weeds)
  • Pre-Emergent Grassy Weed Control (Controls most common grassy weeds)
  • Post-Emergent Broadleaf Spot Treatments
  • Fungus & Disease Monitoring


  • 6 annual treatment
  • Includes everything from Just The Basics package
  • PLUS 2 extra services of your choice or as suggested by professional

    • Aeration
    • Fire Ant treatment
    • 1-time Chinch Bug control
    • 1-time Grub Worm control
    • Fungus & Disease control (might use up both extra services include on this program depending on what issues are present)
    • PH monitoring
    • PH corrections in soil


  • 8 Annual Treatments
  • Includes everything from Just The Basic package
  • PLUS ALL extra services and preventative

    • Core Aeration ( 1 per year )
    • Fire Ant control program
    • Preventative Grub worms
    • Chinch Bug Control
    • PH monitoring
    • PH adjustments in soil