Need Help Maintaining a Healthy Yard in Austin, TX?

Discuss your lawn irrigation or pest control needs with a pro

If you don't have the time or tools needed to spray your yard for pests or water it regularly, reach out to the experts at Revive & Thrive, LLC. Our crew provides high-quality lawn pest control, irrigation and fungal disease control services to residents of Austin, TX. We even offer emergency services for insect infestations and lawn irrigation system malfunctions.

Keep your yard fungus- and pest-free. Call 512-431-3240 now to schedule affordable lawn care services.

Say goodbye to creepy crawlies in your yard

No one wants their lawn to be overrun with insects. Pests in your yard are one open door or cracked window away from being in your home. That's why we offer thorough lawn pest control services in Austin, TX.

Don't let:

  • Earwigs pinch your children or pets
  • Roaches or silverfish infiltrate your home
  • Ants weaken your building's structure


Rely on us to remove pests from your property efficiently. We'll quickly identify the source of the problem, make structural modifications, apply pest control products and evaluate the solution over time.


3 signs that you need a new irrigation system

3 signs that you need a new irrigation system

Lawn irrigation systems can save you hours of watering your yard if they’re working properly. So how do you know it’s time to repair or replace your irrigation system? Ask yourself these questions.

Have you:

  1. Found pools of water across your lawn, sidewalk or driveway?
  2. Noticed that your monthly water bills are increasing?
  3. Seen sputtering heads or dripping control valves?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should contact a pro at Revive & Thrive for lawn irrigation repair or replacement services in Austin, TX.